The Haus Lake Placid Hotel

Our Eco-Stats

Why we’re eco-friendly, all the time. From recycling and energy star appliances to windows and construction,
we didn’t cut corners keeping this hotel on mother earths good side.

  • Eco-Tip #1 - SMALL DEVICES

    Unplug devices that are not in use.
    Did you know that unpluging electronic appliance and personal devices that are not in use can make a large impace on energy wast and cost. Please help us (meaning the earth). When devices do not need power, unplug coffee pots, razors, mobile phones … It all counts!
  • Eco-Tip #2 - LIGHTS OUT

    Shut of lights when you leave the room. Energy usage is constantly abused. The walls don’t need light while your gone, so give them a rest while you go out and play.
  • Eco-Tip #3 - HEAT DOWN

    It might sound silly, but have you thought about adjusting your heat while your out? If the heat is high and windows are open, thermostats will correct for the cold and work extra hard to please them. So close windows to optimize heat efficiency.

How we help


recycled products
Highly efficient windows
Recycling - you can help this #
HE - light bulbs

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